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Timelines for the new Traders Trophy 2018

You can play now the Semi Final from the January 7th - 28th, 2019 (invite only)

Ride your profits, cut your losses

Join now the Semi Final to be ready for the Final!

You can now participate in a competition to become the best ‘student trader’ in the world and experience the atmosphere and excitement of being a financial markets trader.

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Play now at your own location

  • You can play now the Semi Final from the January 7th - 28th, 2019 (invite only).

  • If you are not invited and you still want to play in the semi-finals, please send an e-mail with your request and substantiation to:

  • During a 1 hour session you will learn the basics of trading in a dealing room.

  • You will compete against many other fellow students from around the globe.

  • No prior knowledge of trading is necessary.

  • The competition is open to students from all fields.

  • Through this unique and fun event, you can learn and experience what it takes to be a professional trader.

What you can win

  • Internships

  • Job opportunities

  • Financial training

  • Prizes

  • Simulation licenses for your university and student club


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The Financial Games is a gamified competition that allows you to gain valuable knowledge through simulations. You will be able to experience hands-on how various disciplines of the financial industry work in a day to day business.

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Through The Financial Games, students from universities worldwide, get the opportunity to experience through simulations what it is like to excel in the world of finance and at the same time students work on their curriculum.

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Financial Games offers you an unique platform to find the best graduates worldwide. All participants have a proven track record in finance simulations, are tested, trained and fully qualified to kick start their career.