How do I play?


Once you have registered yourself you have access to the Financial Games platform. When you click on the 'Login here' button and respectively home, you will see a menu bar. Please scroll though the different tabs for more information. If you click on 'play now' you have access to tutorials (video's, manuals and demo). Once you know how to play you can click on 'launch' to start the specific simulation round in the 'play now' section. 

If you have participated in earlier simulations from us in the past, you may need to switch your profile to display this year's page. In the top bar of this website you see your login name on the far right . Once you click on it, you can scroll down to switch between the different programs (competitions).  


Who is eligible?

The Financial Games is run by Financial Games B.V. ("The Financial Games") and is open to all students of universities, who are over the higher of 18 or locally applicable age of consent for this competition. 

If you are unsure whether you are eligible to play, please contact us at The Competition has a fair use limit of 10,000 students, places will be allocated on a 'first come first served' basis. 


How do I sign up?

Go to the registration section of the competition website (via: Play Now) and click on the relevant registration link. You will receive a confirmation of your registration by e-mail once it has been submitted. If you have not received any confirmation within 1 hour, please send us an email with your contact details to 


What are the technical requirements in order to play?

No specific technical requirements, only a good and stable internet connection is a must.


Is there any fee involved with signing up?

There is no fee involved for students to register or participate in The Financial Games.


Can I enter as a team?

No, only individual students can register and participate in The Financial Games competitions. 


How will my performance be evaluated?

Each participant's performance is evaluated in the following four categories: Profitability, Risk management, Market making (Client service) and Awareness. A proprietary automatic analysis tool is used for the evaluation based on these four categories. Points are awarded for making stable money, by using but not breaking, your limits and serving all your clients. Your overall score is calculated based on a weighted average of these four categories. 

Your profitability is not just evaluated by looking at how much money you make, but also based on the stability of your P&L throughout the simulation and your return on investments. 

Risk management
Regarding risk management we look at how you trade during the entire session, e.g.: Can you cut your losses in time? Can stay within your limits? Do you do trades throughout the simulation? 

Market making
We monitor your market making skills by assessing the quotes you provide towards your clients and other brokers, e.g.: Are your spreads and prices reasonable compared to the current levels in the market? 

In the global finals, you are tested on your trading awareness throughout the simulation, e.g.: Do you know what the current bid and ask prices are? Do you know your own P&L and who you last traded with? These and more questions will be asked to you several times. 


How can I win?

The way to win The Financial Games competitions is based on the automatic points calculation between the four categories as described in the section above.

What are the steps to get involved and win the competition: 

  1. Join the Financial Games through this website. Once you are registered, you receive login details by e-mail.

  2. Now you can login, practice and play the competition that is running at the moment.

  3. Registered participants will be automatically invited to join each new round of the competition.

  4. Each round can only be practised and played once. (Each competition varies in rounds)

  5. The Financial Games competition consist of online games that simulate sitting in the seat of a financial professional. Every time you move forward in the overall ranking, you might be eligible to receive training from our sponsoring partners.

  6. The top 20 performers with the highest overall rankings, will be invited to compete in the global final. More details will follow in due order.

  7. The best student in the global final wins.



What can I win?

Prizes to win in the Financial Games competition (if applicable): Financial training

Our sponsoring partners may provide various prize packages for each competition. Details regarding the prizes will be made available in due course and published in The Financial Games terms & conditions


Can I be reimbursed for expenses?

No refund may be claimed for any expenses incurred relating to the use of an internet connection for registering or participating in the Financial Games competition whatsoever. 


Where can I find my results?

When you have finished a simulation you can check your results on the webpage Play now the Traders Trophy . Go to PLAY NOW - [your competition]
under the button 'Results'. The overall winner will receive a personal mail.


What happens to my results?

Please see our privacy policy for further details about how we collect and use the information you provide.


My practice run doesn't work anymore?

Each game you play, can only be played once, including the practice run. If you encounter any technical difficulties, please contact us as soon as possible:


Who is responsible for running the Competition?

The Financial Games is run by Financial Games B.V., an Oxyor company, based in the Netherlands. Financial Games B.V. is responsible for managing and administering the competitions. The prizes are provided by our sponsors, but the competitions are in no way administered by the sponsor or any other entity in the sponsor's group. 


Where do I go, in case I have any other questions?

You can always contact us by sending an email to the following address:
Please provide us with your name, country, university and question. It is our goal to answer your question within 48 hours.