About the Lex van Dam Trading Academy, 

Over 20 years experience and counting...


We are delighted to be joining The Financial Games as a content partner and are here to help you take your trading & investing skills to the next level!

You may wonder who we are:

The Lex van Dam Trading Academy was launched by Lex van Dam - one of the UK’s most respected investment managers, the author of How to Make Money Trading, a key opinion leader frequently quoted on CNN, Reuters, FT, and Bloomberg, and creator of the BBC TV Series Million Dollar Traders.

Our friendly e-learning platform today offers Lex’s flagship online course Million Dollar Traders, the Trading Club and you may like to check out the course Lex produced for students: “How to Get a Job in Finance”!

What you can learn with us:

The Million Dollar Traders course teaches everything you need to know about analysing and investing in stocks, currencies and commodities using Lex’s proven 5-Step-Trading® method. Visit the (self-based learning online course) landing page for the educational program Million Dollar Traders


As an experienced investment manager, Lex believes that you must be prepared to adapt to any market environment. For this reason, Lex’s process combines shorter-term trading strategies with a portfolio-based approach to ensure success over the long run.
Whether you are an aspiring day trader or longer-term investor, the Million Dollar Traders course applies Lex's proven method to several key markets and will help you to develop your own process so that you aren’t reliant on any one strategy or asset class. By the end of the course you will feel fully prepared to invest on a personal basis or even pursue a career as a professional trader.

If you like to join our main educational program this summer, select the “Lifetime Access” course option on the Million Dollar Traders course page and use promo code FINGAMES at checkout to claim your special 60% OFF! This is a real bargain and a lifetime of investment education!

We look forward to welcoming you at the Academy!

 Best wishes,

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What’s more?

We have internship opportunities this summer!

Introducing the Trading Club

Invest like a hedge fund manager using our Checklist Process developed over 25 years of professional trading. Featuring the latest professional trading insights and real-time analysis of stocks, currencies, and commodities.

Visit the landing page the Trading Club



How to Get a Job in Finance

Proven step-by-step job seeking strategy.

Discover how to break into the finance sector with the help of the BBC’s Million Dollar Trader, ex-Goldman Sachs trader, and current hedge fund manager Lex van Dam, and leading talent management consultant Thomas de Brun. Adopt this systematic and robust approach and you will have the best possible chance of getting hired.

Visit the Students Course How to Get a Job in Finance




Million Dollar Traders Course

Learn from the best

Learn how to trade FX, stocks and commodities and technical strategies in one comprehensive course with hedge fund manager Lex van Dam.

Visit the (self-based learning online course) landing page for the educational program Million Dollar Traders