Financial Games is inviting Participants to join the Semi Final of the Traders Trophy


The Financial Games is inviting participants for the Semi Final of the Traders Trophy, who joined the pre-rounds ofthe Traders Trophy in an earlier stage!

The Semi Final will start on January 7th, 2019 and is on invite only.

Visit The Financial Games website to join your Semi Final!

To ensure everybody is well prepared and ready to start the Semi Final successfully, we’re happy to invite you as well for the Quarter final round (if not done yet). Please use the practice round (available per December 21st) to further practise and sharpen your trading skills.

Participate in the Traders Trophy competition to become the best "student trader” in the world and experience the atmosphere and excitement of being a financial markets trader.

What can you win?

  • Job opportunities

  • Financial training

  • Prizes 

So enjoy!

Enrol now and become world’s best student trader!

Enrol now for the qualification rounds from the 8th - 15th of November 2018 @

Local qualification rounds at your university

  • You can enrol in qualification rounds from the 8th through to the 15th of November. 

  • During a 1 hour session you will learn the basics of trading in a dealing room.

  • You will compete against 1000’s fellow students from around the globe.

  • No prior knowledge of trading is necessary.

  • The competition is open to students from all fields.

  • Through this unique and fun event, you can learn and experience what it takes to be a professional trader.

Start trading Exxon, Delta and Ford securities today!!!

The financial Games is announcing the third round of the TradersTrophy

In this MarketTrader simulation, your're allowed (as a market maker) to take positions and to trade in three US securities: Ford, Exxon and Delta.

Find a balance between serving your clients and managing the position you want, while making money, taking as little risk as possible and being aware of what risks you're handling.

Enjoy, learn and experience the complexity and Play Now!