Financial companies and institutions need the best graduates


Financial games: your perfect gateway to talent

The Financial Games is eager to help financial companies and institutions to meet ambitious and highly trained graduates. The Financial Games delivers assessed graduates to hit the ground running. 

Students participate in the Financial Games to demonstrate their talent (by winning) and learning more about the different careers in the finance industry.

They are eager to receive training and coaching to kick start their career. On average students join the Financial Games in the second half of their study up to graduating. 

The different challenges in which they can participate in this competition are: MarketTrader, PortfolioTrader, PortfolioManager and/or BankManager. 

Each simulation will challenge the participants in a different way with new insights and strategies regarding a specific area of finance. They will also be challenged to demonstrate their commercial skills in a competitive learning environment.


benefits of sponsoring the financial games

  • Recruitment is cost efficient (based on a no-win no-fee model)

  • Efficiency driven recruiting due to high tech data science

  • Easier to filter out the 10% best applications

  • Position your organization as a preferred employer to reach your target group

  • Identification of talent early on

  • Tutor role: being recognized as the organization that helps young talent to define and improve his/her skill set

  • Tailored data and debrief possibilities to find your perfect match

  • Use of Financial Games global network for marketing purposes


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