Financial Games is proud to present new and improved simulations!

The Financial Games

The Financial Games is a set of financial competitions through simulations to allow students to experience what it is like to be working in different positions of the financial industry. During the competitions the students will get a chance to sit in the seat of a MartketMaker (trader), PortfolioTrader, PortfolioManager and/or BankManager.

Students will experience hands-on what it is like to be sitting at the controls and what the consequences are from their actions, either positive or negative. The more advanced they get, the more training they can receive from sponsoring partners. All support is focused on helping students to determine in which area of finance they have the best fit. Overall it is a fun and thrilling experience to see how far they can get. There are great prizes at stake. The Ultimate Banker's cup of the year, offers them a great platform to a successful start of their career in finance. 

Join the competition now!

We are proud to announce that registration is open for a new series of Financial Games competitions. We start of with the MarketTrader simulation (Trader's Trophy). In due course the PortfolioTrader will follow. Each of these competitions can be seen as a stand alone event. 

See the FAQ page for more detailed information about the various competitions. In rounds ranging from 30 to 75 minutes, for example one day of trading is simulated and as a trader they need to make money, whilst managing their risks and servicing the clients that call them. Students play online, whenever it suits them best (while the competition is running) from the convenience of their own computer or laptop.

The top 20 participants will be invited to compete in the world finals. The best performer will win the Ultimate Banker's cup.  



How does it work?

The Financial Games offers students a free online platform with games, training and self-assessments where students can develop their personal and professional skills. Sponsors will provide the e-learning platform in order to train and recruit successful graduates in the end. 

Social media, universities and student bodies are our first starting point for spreading the news of a new competition. Students can easily enroll online through this site. There is no registration fee, every student can join the competition free of charge.

The competition is open to students from all degree and backgrounds, whether they are studying economics, engineering, art or science - even without any prior knowledge of for example trading. Each participant should watch the tutorial video, demo and read the manuals before they start a simulation and they will quickly be able to play the game. 

The Financial Games is not only about competing - it is also about building, learning and understanding the markets (sales & trading) and business. A great experience to take control of the instruments that are used on a daily basis in the world of finance. Please visit the FAQ page for more information.

The first edition of The Financial Games, the Traders Trophy, started in Singapore, Hong Kong and the Netherlands in 2008.  Since the start, students from all over the world have participated successfully in these competitions. Just sign up today and join the current competition now!



benefits to be achieved

During the competitions students gain valuable experience and knowledge by:

  • Winning (part of) a competition and gaining practical experience
  • Learning by doing: showing their knowledge through tests and training
  • Evaluating their motivation, interests, skills, styles and personality in order to find a better job fit

Overall we strive to create responsible professionals that know what they are capable of and what they aspire for a thriving future in finance. It is all about finding their intrinsic motivation, have fun and add value and drive.

At the Financial Games we are always looking for innovative ways to create a better platform and make use of the latest technology for running our simulations now and in the future.